Schedule for the Day

We are pleased to share the schedule for the symposium below. We would like the event to be as collaborative and participatory as possible, so all provocation sections include time for group discussion questions. It looks to be a busy day, so we will ensure that there is access to a quiet room.

A PDF version of all abstracts, and presenter information is also available to download.

10 – 10.15 : Arrival

10.15 – 10.30 : Introductions

10.30 – 11.30 : Provocation 1

Antonios Ktendis: The ‘sameness’ and ‘difference’ of young people with Restricted Growth in the secondary school: A Dis/Human approach.

Alexandra Murray : Utilising biological citizenship and complex embodiment to redefine the welfare state.

Jonathan Hulme : Dreaming of Mars: sleep and the (ab)Human circadian rhythm.

11.35 – 12.20 : Provocation 2

David Hartley : More or less-than-human? Estrangement, cognition and Autism poetics in Blade Runner (1982).

Toby Atkinson : Atypical as human? Autism and gender in tension.

12.20 – 1.05 : Lunch

1.05 – 2.05 : Provocation 3

Kim Dearing : Cruelling the mark: experiences from a job club.

Sharon Smith : The production of the ‘effective’ special needs parent.

Rebecca Porter : Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and the necropower of austerity.

2.05 – 2.20 : Break

2.20 – 3.20 : Provocation 4

Anne-Marie Atkinson : Relational ethics, relational aesthetics: how can CDS contribute to theories of socially engaged, participatory and collaborative art practices?

Harriet Dunn : Reimagining the museum/gallery as a space that welcomes visitors with Visual Impairment.

Neslie Carol Tan : Performances from the peripheries: an examination of selected disability performances in the Philippines.

3.25 – 4.25 : Provocation 5

Yvonne Wechuli : The affective practice of ableism: Theorizing affect and emotion in CDS.

Lisa Appleyard-Keeling : The incongruous incongruity aka: ‘ontological incoherence.’

Rebecca Maskos : Ableism, technology and de/constructions of stigma.

4.25 – 5 : Final Reflections